Pool Designs


Whether you are putting in a new pool or remodeling an old one, pavers are a perfect solution for the new deck and even the coping.

We work with pool companies to coordinate and schedule the various stages of installing a new deck, from demolition and excavation to backfilling trenches, grading and installing the new deck.

Pavers around a pool offer wide range of benefits aside from the obvious aesthetics. Pavers can be lifted to gain access to pipes and equipment, they won’t crack, and they can be easily adjusted if there is any shifting or movement in the earth around the pool. We always seal your new paver deck to protect your investment and seal the sand joints, keeping sand off your feet and out of the pool.

We can set pavers around the pool as your coping, or we can work with you and your pool company to help select coordination ( or contrasting ) coping stone and tile.

There are so many wonderful colors and textures to choose from, and we can help you design a space that will make you think you are on vacation at a fabulous, far-away resort. Repair concrete today!



Driveways with Stone Pavers

Cracked concrete? Crumbling Asphalt? Messy gravel?

Traditionally, the driveway has not been given much thought, but now with so many older homes being remodeled, and with old concrete driveways cracked beyond repair, homeowners are looking for alternatives to traditional surfaces. With so much emphasis on curb appeal, driveways are recognized as a focal point. Asphalt is terribly unappealing, gravel always look messy, and concrete is bland.

Replacing any of these surfaces with pavers is a quick and stunning way to transform the look of the front of a home or business. A professionally installed paver driveway will last for generations and the benefits far outweigh those of any other surface.

Where concrete will crack and asphalt will deteriorate, pavers will not only retain their beauty for many, many years, they are also strong enough to withstand the tests of time. Since they are individually set pieces, they will not crack. If you need access to the ground or tree roots below, pavers can be lifted and re-set without leaving any patchwork effects.

There are a multitude of colours and textures to choose from, and our design team can help you select a paver which fits your budget and complements your property. From traditional cobble-style pavers to streamline modular styles, there is a paver to suit any home.

Deep Sea Concrete & Hardscape can address any number of issues you may run into with a new driveway, from adding retaining walls and drainage, expanding or relocating for better access, relocating irrigation and re-grading.

Benefits of Installing Pavers

Interlocked paving dates back to Roman times. You can still see remnants of the old Roman roads throughout Europe today. Whereas asphalt and concrete tend to crack and need replacing or resurfacing every few years, your paver installation will last a lifetime with little or no maintenance.

In terms of design choices, durability and strength, the benefits of pavers far outweigh any of concrete, asphalt or natural stone. However, to reach their full potential, they must be installed absolutely, 100% correctly. Learn more about why you should chose Deep Sea Concrete & Hardscape to perform a professional stone paver installation.


    • Real Estate Agents confirm that an interlocking paved driveway adds value to a home over a standard concrete or asphalt driveway.


    • Resistance to root growth, erosion, earthquake and frost. Pavers are designed to undulate with movement and will not crack. They allow for easy access to roots, making maintenance a snap!


    • In contrast to non-permeable materials, interlocking paving stones allow natural biological processes to filter run-off before it pollutes our creeks. The interlocking paving stones allow water to drain through, and beneficial bacteria, which live between the stones and in the gravel bed below, remove toxins before they reach our creeks, the bay and our beaches.


    • Wide selection of stones, colors and styles provide infinite variety of designs. From natural slate textures and the old-world charm of cobbles, to the classic style of brick – you are certain to find a look that will complement your home.


  • Broken or stained pavers are easily removed and replaced. Replacing concrete or asphalt always leaves you with an ugly patchwork effect, unless you replace the entire surface. With pavers, changing out the ones you need to is easy and no one will ever know. The modular system of pavers allows for simple access for underground repairs, including pipes and cables.
A pathway with pavers by The Legacy Paver Group in Santa Rosa.


Source: ICPI


Reduced pavement maintenance and replacement
High density pavers resist deterioration from deicing salts
Durable and superior physical properties of pavers provide longer pavement life


In commercial or vehicular applications, unit concrete pavers provide proven durability
ICP and PICP are not subject to crumbling


Tired of re-sealing blacktop parking lots or repairing spalling concrete?  Interlocking concrete pavers are the perfect solution, made to withstand harsh conditions and cold weather better than asphalt.

Concerned about unsightly cracking of poured or stamped concrete?  Concrete pavers have high compressive strength, low water absorption, and excellent freeze-thaw durability.  And expansion joints are not needed in this pavement system.

Interested in long-term durability?  What level of durability is needed in your design?  Limit your exposure and don’t risk a commercial design by specifying a pavement surface without proven durability.  Leverage the density and strength of concrete pavers to ensure the longest design life possible.

Do you need a sturdy pavement surface that is skid resistant and stable?  If you are looking for a surface that can handle pedestrian and vehicular traffic, then avoid the smooth, slick surfaces on other materials.  Go with interlocking concrete pavers with chamfers offering unique macro-texture that benefits skid resistance and can reduce braking distances. Chamfers also help channel water away from the pavement surface.  Bottom line: concrete pavers increase safety due to their slip and skid resistance.

What is the life expectancy of interlocking concrete pavement?  Conventional pavement design life is typically 20-25 years, and traditional asphalt pavement requires regular resurfacing.  Interlocking concrete pavers can meet or exceed conventional pavement design criteria.  Eliminating resurfacing lowers the life cycle cost of the pavement.

What about repairs?  Interlocking concrete pavers are designed to be removed and the same unit reinstated.  Utility repairs are made easy with a flexible pavement system and best of all, the repaired area is ready for immediate use, no need to wait for curing.


A variety of shapes, textures, and sizes are available.  Whether you’re looking for symmetry, random patterns, or a unique design, utilizing concrete pavers presents almost unlimited artistic license.

Different thicknesses are needed for different applications.  This is important for vehicular or roadway applications, compared to pedestrian plazas and walkways.  Use the right concrete paver size and thickness for the application.

4 Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your Concrete This Summer

Despite the inherent strength of concrete, it’s still at risk of developing cracks over time. A concrete crack requires repair using effective sealing materials and the latest repair tools. However, many property owners forgo this form of concrete crack repair.

1. Security Against Potential Liability
Business owners that discover a crack in their concrete must take the repair work seriously. That’s because they are liable for any injuries suffered as a result of someone tripping on the crack. If a person trips and injures themselves, they may be able to take the property owner to court to pay for damage. A simple concrete crack repair can ensure that the problem is resolved.
2. Safety
It’s important for property owners to protect their family against trips, falls, and injuries as a result of crumbling concrete.  By taking on concrete crack repair work proactively, the property owner will ensure that both their family and visitors remain safe while at home.
3. Maintaining Property Value
Cracked and broken concrete areas can significantly devalue personal property. Property owners looking to sell their house in the near future should consider the impact that concrete cracks have on their property’s long-term value. The cost to repair the concrete area is likely to ensure a lasting return on investment when placing the house on the real estate market in the future.
4. The Problem Will Get Worse Over Time
The fact is that concrete cracks don’t repair themselves. They don’t go away with time. Property owners will find that the longer they leave the problem alone, the larger the repair project will be when they tackle the problem. Through pro activity and by working with us, property owners can reduce their repair costs and achieve the ideal solution to their concrete issues.
The team at Deep Sea Concrete has over 20 years experience in the concrete repair marketplace. They also offer one of the widest ranges of concrete crack repair solutions on the market today. To learn more, contact their office directly at (856) 938-7012 or visit their business website at http://www.deepseaconcrete.com for a free quote.