Pool Designs


Whether you are putting in a new pool or remodeling an old one, pavers are a perfect solution for the new deck and even the coping.

We work with pool companies to coordinate and schedule the various stages of installing a new deck, from demolition and excavation to backfilling trenches, grading and installing the new deck.

Pavers around a pool offer wide range of benefits aside from the obvious aesthetics. Pavers can be lifted to gain access to pipes and equipment, they won’t crack, and they can be easily adjusted if there is any shifting or movement in the earth around the pool. We always seal your new paver deck to protect your investment and seal the sand joints, keeping sand off your feet and out of the pool.

We can set pavers around the pool as your coping, or we can work with you and your pool company to help select coordination ( or contrasting ) coping stone and tile.

There are so many wonderful colors and textures to choose from, and we can help you design a space that will make you think you are on vacation at a fabulous, far-away resort. Repair concrete today!



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