How to Design a Cozy Outdoor Space in NJ

We’ve all done it- flipped through Home and Garden magazine and wished we had the same amazing spaces you see that are picture perfect. The problem is we think we either don’t have enough money or we just don’t know where to start. When designing with concrete and hardscape in South Jersey you want to be sure that it will blend with either your current landscape or theme, and also that you communicate with us what your vision is for your backyard space.


Hardscaping is a popular and inexpensive solution that many homeowners choose because it is so flexible in it’s design. You can match paver colors to your existing landscape or think outside the box and try a new color. From burnt oranges to charcoal greys and pinks to blues – the options are endless. One of the most popular for the classic look is harvest patch. Harvest patch has a rustic orange color mixed with browns that adds a cozy feel to any back patio or fire pit. In areas like Avalon, Cape May, Sea Isle and all along the Jersey shore many people opt for pavers. If you drive by any neighborhood along the coast you will see houses furnished with beautiful custom paver decks, patios, stairs, walkways, driveways, and fire pits.


NJ already offers natural beauty with our wide variation of tree and plant diversity, the key in designing an outdoor space is to first figure out your color scheme. For example if you have dark cherry wood fencing, you might pick a brick paver color that would complement the dark tones in the fencing. If you look at the picture below you can see how the homeowner chose to match the tones in the dark mulch and nearby bushes, this property was in Ocean City NJ (Ocean City Concrete Contractor)


Their outdoor space ultimately ends in a beautiful paver patio with gazebo. These are just a few ideas. It’s easy to imagine your outdoor space just let us share your vision!


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