Sealing & Finishing

Sealing a Concrete Floor

A concrete floor will need to be sealed in order for it to remain impervious to stains and cracks. Inside the home, there are frequent threats to a floor’s integrity, with the most threatening being spills. With a well-maintained seal, any possible stains from food, beverages, or spills from a home workshop can be cleaned up with ease. This is the appealing part of a concrete floor, so it needs a proper finish. Once a floor is properly sealed, any stains or designs you’ve added to the floor are sure to remain intact for the life of the room.

Sealing a Concrete Driveway

A sealed driveway will be better able to resist oil stains on top of the crack-resistance inherent properties in sealed surfaces. An exposed driveway is more likely to be affected by weather and extreme changes in temperature. While Portland’s weather is generally a mild climate, it does receive a fair amount of rain every autumn and winter, so keeping regular maintenance of a drive way will help it resist environmental forces.

Sealing a Concrete Carport

Cars are heavy, and when they sit for hours or days on a concrete slab, the stress adds up and can erode even the best concrete finishes. While a good concrete contractor should be savvy enough to pour a durable slab, a newer home may find that its external concrete was poured on relatively loose soil. Even in the best scenario, sealing a carport’s concrete is a vital part of household care and maintenance. A carport with a professionally applied finish will be able to resist stains from oil and other substances far better than one without.

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