Asphalt Paving


Asphalt paving overlays are one of the many commercial paving services we offer to our customers in South Jersey from Deep Sea Concrete & Hardscape, LLC.

An asphalt overlay is a method in which an existing asphalt surface is paved over with a new layer of asphalt. The terms overlay and resurfacing are often used interchangeably.


Before an asphalt pavement overlay is installed, our professional paving team will repair damaged or distressed areas in the existing pavement. An asphalt overlay can be done when the existing asphalt is in overall good condition but may have some problem areas. Depending on the degree of cracking, crumbling or sunken areas, those areas can be cut out, patched and then a new layer can be paved.

When an asphalt pavement surface deteriorates to the point of needing repair, an asphalt overlay is an effective solution. The thickness of an overlay is typically 1 1/2 to 3 inches. If the existing asphalt pavement is more damaged, a thicker overlay is needed. Also, if the surface grade is flat and drainage is poor, the overlay should be thicker at the top of the downward slope.

Most any project is a candidate for overlay if the existing base is stable and the asphalt pavement is structurally sound.


An asphalt pavement overlay should NEVER be done on a driveway or parking lot that is severely cracked, crumbling, wavy or has sinking, soft spots. The new layer of asphalt will follow the old asphalt cracks (reflective cracking) and waves in a very short period of time.

Unfortunately, every year we replace recently completed asphalt-overlaid parking areas that less reputable contractors have resurfaced. Sadly, once they have cashed your check, they will never return to rectify any problems.


Asphalt overlay is a smart alternative to full reconstruction for a few reasons:

Depending on existing site conditions, an overlay may be considerably less expensive

Overlays can be completed in days, not weeks.


Once your asphalt has been resurfaced, be sure to ask your DSC paving contractor about other ways to protect your investment and to keep your parking area looking its best.