Retaining Walls

Are you thinking about putting in a retaining wall in your yard or garden? Looking for a retaining wall contractor? You’ve got the right idea, retaining walls are a great way to accentuate any garden or walkway. Not only do they add character to your landscape but they add value to your property. Good landscaping is one of the first things that potential buyers…and guests look at when they arrive at your home. Check out these beautiful retaining walls:



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A Few Tips:


1. Make Sure You Mesh the Retaining Wall Into Your Lifestyle

Retaining walls are usually thought of as utilitarian and for used for just holding back soil. But that’s not all! You can use them to create beautiful outdoor living spaces and incorporate multi-use spaces.

2. Dream Up a Creative Design

When it comes to retaining walls, they don’t have to be perfectly straight – get creative! Add a curve to dress up a boring straight wall and to add a little more texture to your landscape. You can utilize a garden hose or large rope to set the layout of the curve, then show a concrete contractor the exact design you’re looking for.

3. Size Really Does Matter

Smaller retaining walls less than four feet can be easily planned and created with a retaining wall contractor without worrying too much about structure. If you’re looking to get larger walls above that height may need an engineer’s touch. Always make sure you check with local codes before starting one more than four feet tall too.

4. Manufactured Blocks and Stones Are Easier and Look Better

Besides offering a consistent look, manufactured blocks and stones for retaining walls offer structural integrity and an even base with which to work. Be sure to color match and space out uneven colored stones and blocks for a better look, your contractor can help you with this.

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